Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Day

People in IN are nice. :)

Everyone at work were just so sweet and kind. I feel like I've been a member of the team for weeks, even though I just met everyone. Speaking of meeting people- I forgot what it was like to not know anyone's name. I think I met about 50 people today and I could repeat three, maybe four, names. Yikes! Lots more to learn.

So, the work aspect is really nice. This facility definitely places the importance on Quality and NOT Quantity. Also, the work is a little different- we're working in the DISCOVERY AREA of drug development instead of the PRECLINICAL AREA like in Vienna. This means we do short term studies (usually) to detect efficacy of the drug desired. The goal is make sure the drug will do what you want it to. Which means shorter term studies and lots more blood work and less histology/pathology. This is exciting because we focus more on the molecular level in Vienna so that is more histology/pathology. So, I get to learn lots of new things- YAY!

The weather around here is another story. Today the weather was cold, rainy, and windy. And the same is expected for tomorrow. And there's a possibility of flurries this weekend. I'm not sure about all of this coldness so soon, it's still October!

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