About Me

I'm a 26 year and live in Greenfield, IN with my boyfriend.  Aaron and I (yes, we're both named Erin/Aaron; no, we won't name our kids erin/aaron/aerin/etc...) have been best friends for years and we're currently trying to find our place as grown-ups.

I'm been working in pharmaceutical research for 2.5 years.  My job has led us to live in the DC metro area in Northern Virginia and now in suburbs of Indianapolis.  I have some great opportunities with my work, and look forward to pursuing as many as possible.

We aren't really sure we're suited to live in the Northeast or Mid-west, but we are trying our best to enjoy life where ever we are living.  Currently we're enjoying exploring the National Forests in the area by camping on the weekends and enjoying farmers market's (especially the fresh corn on the cob YUM!!!!!!!).  :)