Monday, January 7, 2013

Start Clean 2013: Day 7

Try a new veggie day... drum roll please.... KALE!

kale chip first taste

Aaron and I were both under the weather so we decided to have tomato soup, grilled cheese, and kale chips (strange combo- I know!).

We used a couple variations of recipes recommended by folks on the StartClean2013 facebook page- thanks ladies and gents! 

plain- olive oil, salt, & pepper
parm- olive oil, salt, & parm cheese
bbq- olive oil + dry seasoning mix

I think I didn't cook them long enough because they were not as crispy as I imagined they would be... but the flavor was tasty.  Definitely liked the parm and bbq, but the plain weren't too bad either!  We will definitely be baking the second half later this week to have as a tasty snack.  I'm so glad we tried a new veggie today!!!

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