Thursday, January 17, 2013

Start Clean 2013: Day 17

Yeah, I'll catch up the other days soon... but today's challenge touched me so much I wanted to write up a post about it!

Eat intuitively.

I loved today's challenge!  When I first started on my weight loss journey I joined Weight Watchers at work.  Though I didn't end up continuing with the program, I learned SO much about myself and my relationship to food in the session I attended.  I vividly remember having to journal (hunger scale) of why we ate, how hungry we were, and how we felt afterwards.  What an EYE OPENER!

Sep 2008 (~250lbs)
After this task 5 years ago, I suddenly "got it".  It made sense...  Eat when you are hungry.  Stop when you are full.  I was no longer eating slow because people told me to, but so I could gauge what my body was telling me.  Now, I start with smaller portions and listen to my body.  It seems so simple now- but man, it wasn't how I was taught to use food.

Now that I've added weights and running into my fitness I get "it".  I need food to fuel my body, not pleasure my taste buds.  I often repeat to my boyfriend... we eat for fuel, not for fun!

Dec 2011 (~175lbs)
I still struggle with social situations (where I'm listening to my friends talking and not my body saying it's full), but am happy to report that I do get IT and normally am successful.  :)

Thanks for the challenge today, I love to look back and see how far I've come in my weight loss/ get healthy journey!!!

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  1. Yay! The challenge was challenging today, but fun!