Tuesday, January 1, 2013

StartClean2013- Happy New Year!!

So, I'm going to attempt to start this blog again to record my progress with startclean2013!  

January 1st challenge: Set January Goals as well as yearly goals/resolutions.

1.  Review eating challenges and workout plan from the past 6 months.  Better understand excuses/reasons why I gained back 30 pounds.  Once understood- stop making excuses and GET BACK TO IT!

2.  Spend more quality time with my man.  We love each other, but the mundane-ness of our lives sometimes gets in the way of truly enjoying each other.

3.  Do something "pictureworthy" each month.

4.  Pay off ALL credit card debt (we've been working on this for the past year, and are so close we can taste it)!

5.  Learn to love my job or find a new one.

1 comment:

  1. Great goals Erin! I'm so glad you are participating in #StartClean2013!