Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Storm (Feb 1)

The front yard is like a ice skating rink, and our driveway is barely passable.  The car had so much ice on it this morning that Aaron got a hammer out to break some of the joints loose.  CRAZY!  They are predicting twice as much ice/sleet as we got last night for this evening then a couple inches of snow tomorrow morning.

Totals at 129 Stutsman- 0.5" ice, 1" sleet

These pictures were taken at 2pm.  I had already shoveled the sidewalk once and I had been to work an back in my car. 


  1. i love the grass pictures where every blade of grass is covered in ice. we had one of these storms in PA quite a few years ago when i was still in elementary/high school living at the house by the airport. be careful out there!

  2. Erin, be careful!! Stay warm and get the flash lights, candels and snuggies ready.

    Teresa Burton