Monday, August 2, 2010

A little catch-up...

So, it's only been about 10 months and life has changed drastically. 

While working up here I was offered a position to transfer, and after much consideration we decided to do it!  I had to go back to Vienna to work for several weeks and we needed some time to find a place to live. 

Aaron and I drove up here for a weekend in November and found somewhere to live.  Talk about pressure... 2 nights, 3 days of driving and looking and calling... not cool.  But, there wasn't much time for debate, so we had to make a decision and keep it.  We ended up finding a duplex that is owned by a guy that also lives here in town.  He was nice, cost was great, location was amazing (less than 1 mile to work!). 

So, December 31st we packed the truck and drove and drove and drove.  Aaron had the joy of driving the moving truck (with trailer carrying his car) through snow and icy mountain roads and I had the pleasure of driving my car with two cats and a fish.  Some 14 hours (almost 600 miles) later we arrived in Greenfield, IN.  We made it just in time for a New Year's kiss at our new doorstep.  12:15am, January 1, 2010. 

Lilly on the left, Chloe in the middle, and China (our fish) on the right
We figured we'd just pull the bed out when we arrived and crash, but since we'd been couped up in the car for so long, we were ready to move!  That's right.  We proceed to unload everything from the moving truck when we arrived.  By 3am we were exhausted.

We moved to Greenfield then experienced 2 months of winter before the temperature teetered above freezing.  I really thought we made the wrong decision.  Yes, I love my new job.  Yes, I love the cost of winter.  But temperatures below 32 degrees F, an inch or so of snow everyday, and overcast skies really rained on my parade.  I think the cats, Aaron and I were about to kill each other being stuck inside the house all day for two months... then one day, the temperature broke freezing and the sun came out... I called 38 degrees "warm" weather. 

So, we shovel...
And shovel...
And shovel some more.
Since then I still love my job and the cost of living, and the summer has proven to be well worth the harsh winter temperatures.  We rarely reach 90 degrees and there's really low humidity and a dry breeze most of the time. 

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